How to Create Same-Day All-On-X

Digital All-on-x overcomes all these hurdles. It allows for a quicker fabrication process; the workflow creates a more accurate output and, hence, a better-fitting end product; and it’s also easier for newer technicians to learn.

How to 3D Print Long-Term Temps Like a Pro

Dentists would rarely have to grind or burr out pieces of a printed temp. A temp comes out of the printer nozzle exactly as the patient needs it. 

Furthermore, the technology to quickly create crowns already exists. There’s no question with regard to the speed and efficiency of creating the temps.

How to 3D Print a Dental Prep Guide Like a Pro

A prep guide is crucial to the tooth preparation process. Getting the prep guide done right means getting the tooth restoration done right. Having a prep guide 3D-printed will allow dentists to make them accurately and quickly.

How to 3D Print Castable RPD Frames Like a Pro

Recent innovations in dental technology have allowed for metals like titanium and cobalt-chromium to be 3D printed or milled. However, these precious materials cost a lot and have hefty processing costs. So, we suggest 3D printing a castable RPD frame first made of acrylic or plaster that dentists could use during try-ins.

3D Printing a 3-Unit Posterior Temporary Bridge

In addition, 3D printing only uses the material needed to produce the case, resulting in less waste. This means lower resupply costs for dentists, which can benefit their business in the long run. 

Why You Should 3D Print Surgical Guides

With 3D printing, you can create surgical guides and diagnostic models that are clear, precise, and tailored to the specific needs of your patients, resulting in better outcomes and an improved quality of life.