The Dental Workflow with an 80% Case Acceptance Rate 

We’ve interviewed a lab that gets an 80% case acceptance rate and a 0.8% remake rate for his cases. He discloses and details his workflow here in this guide.

How to Convert Dentists into a Digital Workflow 

Convincing dentists to go digital can be very challenging. This guide shows dental labs how to educate clinics and get them to adopt a digital workflow.

How to Retain Employees for Your Dental Lab

Discover the secrets of Utah Valley Dental Lab’s impressive employee retention. Learn about operations, equity models, technology, talent acquisition, and outsourcing.

Which Intraoral Scanner is Right for You?

Intraoral scanners can effectively replace traditional impressions for any dental practice. But there’s more to consider with IOS scanners than just specs.

How to Secure High-End Customers

Labs must provide value to their niche. This allows labs to become authoritative and trustworthy figures in their market. High-value clients will be willing to pay more as a result.

Engage Dental Techs for Better Productivity

Oftentimes, technology can help address bottlenecks that slow down lab productivity. One such example could be a server upgrade that makes the CAD/CAM team’s workflow significantly quicker.