How to Make Your All-On-X Workflow More Predictable

Moj Noroozi, a dental lab technician with nearly a decade of experience, shares how dentists can make their all-on-x workflow more predictable. This guide will help dentists create consistent and reliable outcomes in their all-on-x cases.

How To Increase Acceptance for Smile Makeover Cases

Roadblocks to case acceptance include patient anxiety, financial concerns, and a lack of patient education. Moj Noroozi, Evident’s trusted lab technician, shares how dentists can boost their case acceptance for smile makeovers.

How to Perfectly Capture Full-Mouth Implant Positioning

Capturing accurate implant positions is crucial to denture longevity and patient comfort. This guide will discuss how to perfectly scan the implant position.

How to Get Started with Digital All-on-X

All on X Implant

Dr. Christian Yaste was able to shorten an eight-visit all-on-x procedure into just three visits. Four at most. This guide discusses how other dentists can do it too.

How to Create Trial Smiles In-House

Smile Mock Up Try-In

Trial smiles are the most engaging smile mock-ups that dentists can provide. Doing trial smiles will drastically improve the patient experience. Here’s how you can do just that.

How to Start a Study Club for Your Lab

A study club can be a potent tool for increasing a lab’s trust, authority, and reputation in the dental market. This guide details how labs can start a study club.