3 warning signs you might need to work with a design center

Consider outsourcing/Gabriel Bautista

Consider outsourcing/Gabriel Bautista

Managing your production, dealing with demanding customers, trying to hit your daily targets… you deal with these issues everyday. We get it. It can be costly and sometimes frustrating having to juggle so many things as you grow your business. “I just want to focus on what I really need to do.”

At first, the idea of working with a design center can seem daunting. You might wonder, “how do I control the quality of work if they don’t work under me?” After all, people come back to you because they expect high quality cases. However, it is actually a smart and economical move when you are growing your business. Knowing when it’s the right time to start is key before it becomes too late.

You are short staffed

Short staffed/Gabriel Bautista

Short staffed/Gabriel Bautista

Business is going well – more cases are coming in BUT you just don’t have enough designers to keep up with the workload. Eventually, work starts to overflow from getting too many cases a day. To make sure you are maintaining your quality standards and your cases are still getting out on time, relying on the few designers you have may not be enough. You may be outgrowing your in-house capacity of designers.

You dread when your designer takes time off

Taking time off/Riccardo Bresciani from Pexels

Taking time off/Riccardo Bresciani from Pexels

Managing your own lab isn’t easy. You want to ensure that your customers keep coming back and the quality of work you produce stays consistent. In order to do this, you need keep your team happy and healthy. So of course, they need some vacation time to relax and unwind so they can come back refreshed. But now you are down one team member. How do you fill in the gap? Working the others harder or finding a quick replacement puts you at risk of producing lower quality designs.

You can’t keep up with the digitization of products

Kois Deprogrammer/Evident

Kois Deprogrammer/Evident

Everyone is going digital nowadays. More and more dentists are using intraoral scanners to take digital impressions. To stay competitive in the market, your team needs to stay up to date with the latest digital trends, but when do you have time to train your team? Once a digital case comes through, what do you do? It takes time to train your in-house team and it hurts to respond to customers saying, “no we can’t do that yet.”

So now what?

As patients become more focussed on aesthetics, there is an increased demand for restorations. The need for excellent design services and other dental technologies is crucial. Nowadays, the big labs aren’t the only ones who do this. Even small and medium-sized labs are doing it. The most common concern is that relying on a design center could mean a drop in the quality of the work your customers receive. This just means that you need to find the RIGHT design team that is consistent and reliable to work with.

Luckily, Evident Designs is a team of the industry’s top designers and has been working with labs and dentists for more than 10 years. Consistency is Evident Designs’ top priority and they will help YOU keep up with the demand of digital impressions as the industry shifts to digital. You are matched with a dedicated team of designers catered to your preferences so you can expect the same quality of work every time.

If you are interested in working with Evident Designs, let us know by clicking the link below. If it’s your first time working with Evident Designs, you get your first 5 units FREE!


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