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The cloud, all in one solution, “lifesaver” - the Evident Kois Hub has been called many things by our customers. Together with the Kois Center, we created a multi-solution platform for dentists called the Hub. Think of it as a confidential digital case pan that stores all of your patient information in one place. From ordering virtual smile mock-ups to communicating with your lab, the Hub helps YOU do more with less stress.

Design Marketplace to order your appliances

Easily access all the products we offer - digital designs back to you within the hour or day. Products like:

  • Mouth guards and night guards

  • Lucia jigs

  • Digitally mounted models

  • Aligner planning and fabrication

  • Splints

  • Custom abutments

Visit our Hub FAQs page for answers to common questions!

Industry leading privacy compliant cloud storage

  • Easily store all of your case files and information within the Hub’s cloud storage system

  • Simple version tracking to ensure records are kept chronologically and easy to understand

  • Security that allows your staff to stress less about information getting lost

  • With embedded smart algorithms, the system attaches the required files for each case

  • No more sending wrong files or sending files after the your has already been submitted

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Direct communication to your dental network

  • Easily communicate and send files to the specialists of your choice

  • Receive alerts notifying you when your cases are ready

  • Collaborate on cases with your dental network

  • Communicate directly with your lab and send cases through the Hub

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Present your best case every time

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Earn more with less

Make the most of your day, by letting the Hub provide the right information and streamline your tasks and communication.

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Help your patients feel the difference

Improve case acceptance with effective presentations that have your patients saying YES!


Stay in control of your cases

Feel confident knowing that all the information you store is organized and secure. With guided tutorials that make usage simple and fun for you and your dental assistant, you can focus on what matters most.

The Hub has been really quite easy to use. And the fact that the portal is free and HIPAA compliant is amazing! I’m sure as time goes on and we keep using it, the Hub will become one of the those things that I just won’t be able to NOT have for my workflow.
— Dr. Zachary Taylor, Montana
Evident gave me the confidence and flexibility to incorporate new technology into my practice. The support they give and the time they take to understand our goals as a team has really made all the difference to us.
— Dr. Brandon Grantham, Texas

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