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Designing for the top cosmetic labs in the country, Evident specializes in complex cosmetic cases, but at the same time spend the same amount of effort and love on every case, no matter the number of units. In addition to designing crown & bridge, implants and clear aligners, we are the only place in the world that is certified to design Kois approved appliances. It’s as easy as brushing your teeth!

Updated library of new products

Easily access all the products we offer - digital designs back to you within the hour or day. Products like:

  • Mouth guards and night guards

  • Lucia jigs

  • Digitally mounted models

  • Aligner planning and fabrication

  • Splints

  • Custom abutments

  • Diagnostic wax ups

  • Kois deprogrammers

  • Crown and bridge

  • Dentofacial display analysis

  • Digital treatment simulation images

  • Implant restorations

  • exocad Smile Creator

Dedicated team catered to your needs

  • No matter the number of units you send, the same group of designers design your case

  • Catered to your preferences

  • Count on consistent quality

Design Center


Always here when you need us

  • Rush cases when you are tight for time

  • You always have a backup if someone goes on holiday or calls in sick

  • Take care of those last minute cases that come through the lab

The recommended design service for all things dentistry

Consistent quality

Consistent quality

Get the same great quality everyday as the same designers are doing your cases every time.

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Outstanding customer support

With a specialize calibration process, we make sure to understand your design preferences so the work coming to you is as good (or better) than if you did it yourself!


Designers experienced in complex cases

Feel confident knowing that Evident can handle complex cases with ease and spends the same amount of time and care no matter the difficulty.

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