Evident Announces Partnership with Medit

Evident Partners With Medit To Distribute Intraoral and Desktop Scanners in Canada, USA, Mexico To Help Clinicians And Labs Make Scanning More Profitable Majority of dentists purchase intraoral scanners but use them less than once a week Evident’s digital design services help dentists and labs transform their digital scans into dental products Jan 21, 2021:… Continue reading Evident Announces Partnership with Medit

Grow Your Lab with Digital Dentures

The digitization of dentistry is changing the dental experience for the better! Digital Dentures is the most recent advancement in denture technology.  It allows for shorter production time, more durable materials, significantly lower patient-dentist time, and increased efficiency for the lab. Traditional Dentures require several appointments for molds, fittings and adjustments, and maybe extractions. It… Continue reading Grow Your Lab with Digital Dentures

Is Your Business Prepared For The Coronavirus (Covid-19)?

Critical events, such as an infectious disease outbreak, are not always preventable and may be difficult to anticipate. The goal of business continuity management planning is to get businesses back on track following a disruptive event.  With the Coronavirus (COVID-9) spreading to more countries, businesses need to prepare themselves for both infected employees and supply… Continue reading Is Your Business Prepared For The Coronavirus (Covid-19)?

Structo Announces Velox Integration with Digital Dental Design Service Provider, Evident.

Structo, a dental 3D printing solutions provider and the manufacturer behind Velox – the world’s first all-in-one 3D printer – today announced an integration with evident. This newly-launched partnership will see Velox users gain access to evident’s suite of digital dentistry design and slicing services.

How Does Evident Fit Into Your Dental Practice?

evident is a digital design lab that gives you control over your own cases. We are your partner for better dentistry! All we need is your IOS scan and we will design your case and return a ready to print/fabricate file in under 24 hours.

Rest assured, Evident Designs Has Got You Covered

Having been in the industry for so many years, we have optimized our design center to accommodate the many unexpected situations that come up.