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evident Designs/evident

evident Designs/evident

About our operation

evident Designs operation/evident

evident Designs operation/evident

Having been in the industry for so many years, we have optimized our design center to accommodate the many unexpected situations that come up. Whether it’s a sudden influx of cases, technicians calling in sick, or worse, quitting, we’ve got you covered. Our on-boarding process is seamless, quick and customized to be an extended arm of your business. Our design teams are also set up in a way that takes into consideration your preferences, design style and turnaround time. 

About our building

Bonifacio Global City Central Business District/Mjdiamzon

Bonifacio Global City Central Business District/Mjdiamzon

In order to stick with our commitment to being the most reliable design center in the industry, we invest a lot into our designers and our facility. evident Designs is located in the financial and lifestyle hub in Manila, Philippines inside the award winning building, One World Place.

With self contained power for 30 days and an earthquake-resistant design, our office is equipped to deal with all the elements. Basically, what we are saying is you can rest assured, the service you get is consistent and reliable, all year round.

In case you need us

To all our dental friends who are currently suffering from production challenges during this current coronavirus outbreak, evident Designs and the whole evident team is business as usual and here to help! Message us if we can assist in any way. We know how it feels… We will work with whatever your costs are and we are ok if you choose to return to your supplier once these difficulties pass.

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