Are we really ready for digitally printed dentures to go into market?

Digital Dentures/Carbon®

Digital Dentures/Carbon®

We’re always excited to see the many technological advancements in the industry. From new products to updated workflows, we keep an eye out on what’s happening in the dentistry scene. Over the past 12 months we have seen so much progress with digitally printed dentures.

Treating edentulous patients has become so much more advanced since the olden days when people first used partial dentures made from human or animal teeth. With millions of dentures being produced every year, there is only a small percentage of dentures made using digital technology.

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The current analog process is complex, involving many steps, and takes a lot of time, making it challenging for labs when remakes are needed. Even finding dental technicians who have the skills and talent required to produce them can be difficult.

Digital Dentures/Futurity

Digital Dentures/Futurity

The benefits of going digital MUST be clear then… right? I wasn’t absolutely sure so I asked our team what THEY think of the progress in digital dentures:

going digital with dentures improves accuracy, consistency and is a cost effective solution when compared to the analog workflow

Another person said,

it might be a lot cheaper in the long run and the equipment and materials needed aren’t as costly. It also saves time and money when remakes are needed.

And another mentioned that more testing is still needed,

more testing is needed at this time, in my opinion. A major question that comes to mind is, how will the aesthetics of the 3D printed dentures hold up over time? They may look fantastic today but with the material used, will the dentures look the same one year from now? With light and day to day wear and tear, I am curious to see if these work long term.

At the end of the day, we want to see what the future holds. We’re obviously fascinated but keep in mind, for the industry to adapt to new technology, it needs to be easily integrated and provides value long term! We want to hear from you – do you think the world of dentistry is ready for digital dentures?

Digital Dentures have improved a lot over the last 12 months. Do you think the industry is ready to start producing?

Yes, we are ready for digital dentures
Hmmm, we should still be testing
We still have a long way to go

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