The Hub’s Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to the most common questions we get from our customers. Don’t see what you are looking for? Fill out the contact form on our contact page and we will get back to you with the answers you are looking for.

+ What is the turnaround time for designs?

  1. 2-5 hours for rush cases*
  2. 24 hours (but you usually have them back within 12 hours) for regular cases*
  3. 1 hour for Dentofacial Analysis and Digital Treatment Simulation Image (between 8am-4pm PST)

*turnaround times for all products except Aligners. Contact us for more info.

+ What photos do I need for the Dentofacial Analysis?

We require the following photos:

  1. Duchenne (exaggerated smile)
  2. Retracted
  3. Repose
  4. Shush

+ What photos do I need for the Digital Treatment Simulation Image?

We just need:

  1. Duchenne (exaggerated smile)

+ What information do I need to submit for an aligner case?

Clean STLs:

  1. Maxillary scan
  2. Mandibular scan
  3. Bite scan

Mandatory photos:

  1. Full face (not smiling)
  2. Full face (smiling)
  3. Profile (not smiling)

Optional photos:

  1. Occluded buccal view of anterior
  2. Occluded buccal view of right lateral
  3. Occluded buccal view of left lateral
  4. Occlusal view of upper
  5. Occlusal view of lower

Additional information:

  1. Is IPR needed?
  2. Include instructions for attachments if needed
  3. Any additional comments

+ What files do I need for the digitally mounted models?

We recommend submitting the following files to get the most accurate model:

  1. Clean STL
  2. Full face retracted with facial reference glasses
  3. 45 degree retracted backward tilt with facial reference glasses

+ How do I set up my lab on the Hub to send cases?

Check out our video tutorial below:

+ Where do I put in my credit card details?

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner
  3. Select payment details from the drop down

+ What do I get back from the design center?

You get back a print/mill ready file that you can then send to your lab or chairside system for fabrication.

+ How do I purchase the Kois Digital Transfer Adaptor?

Currently the only place to purchase the adaptor is through Panadent. They are on back order right now. Please email to be put on the waitlist.

+ Do I get a notification when my design is ready?

Yes. You will receive an email notification. You will find the finished design file in the Treatment Cases section in your patient file.