How to Sell Veneers on Social Media 

Veneers on social media
Veneers on social media

If you’re offering veneers, social media can be a valuable tool for finding the right audience to help you get more patients. With the rise of digital dentistry and digital marketing, social media is becoming an increasingly important platform for promoting dental services, including veneers. 

In this episode of Evident’s Digital Dentist series, New Jersey Cosmetic and General Dentist Nick Ciardiello provides insights for dentists looking to wield this tool more effectively. In a poll conducted by Evident for the webinar, it was discovered that social media was the most popular avenue for practices promoting their business, over referrals, mailers, and paid ads.  

As a prominent dentist himself on his way to receiving his FAGD, with over 110,000 followers across his social media platforms, Dr. Nick shared with audiences his significant expertise in building a social media presence.  

Establishing Yourself on Social Media 

The feat of establishing yourself on social media involves several elements, but there are some useful tips aspiring dentists can use to get started. Below are some of Dr. Nick’s personal recommendations based on his experience. 

  • Focus on engagements 

Engagements on social media not only show audiences that your content is worth responding to, but it also gives your posts an edge by signaling social media algorithms that they are worth recommending to other users. This is especially helpful when you have a new account or have a limited number of followers because it helps users discover your content, bringing in potential new followers.  

When he was starting out, Dr. Nick participated in engagement groups with other dentistry accounts as a reciprocal partnership where all the members commit to interacting with each other’s posts.  

  • Use keywords strategically (this section has been updated) 

Incorporating the right keywords in your social media content is essential for maximizing your reach and attracting your target audience. Before creating your content, conduct thorough research to identify the keywords and phrases that your potential followers are using to search for the type of content you offer. 

Then, make sure to naturally incorporate these keywords in your content, such as in your captions, hashtags, and post descriptions. But be careful not to overstuff your content with too many keywords, as this could hurt your credibility and cause your content to come across as spammy. 

By incorporating the right keywords in your social media content, you can increase the likelihood of your content being discovered by those who are interested in what you have to offer. 

  • Emulate what works 

Finally, starting out on social media is a learning curve that is best guided when you look to those who have already been able to get traction. Dr. Nick states that starting out means a lot of trial and error, as well as taking cues from other tactics and practices that are proving successful.  

Because algorithms are in a constant state of flux and what’s popular or effective on social media is always changing, gaining and sustaining social media traction is an ongoing learning experience. 

Focus Content on Veneers 

Another large part of finding success on social media and being able to translate that into a stronger brand. More effective leads hinges on the content that dental professionals are able to publish. While there is no singular “right way” to go about creating content, Dr. Nick shares some tried and tested types to begin building a content strategy that works for your needs. 

  • Before & after photos 

Especially when it comes to cosmetic dental procedures, such as veneers and restorations, a compelling route can be publishing content that demonstrates how effective your services are.  

Showing before & after photos side by side illustrates real and visible results to patients, making them more likely to consider seeking treatment from you.  

  • Educational posts 

Being able to showcase your expertise online is another direction that Dr. Nick recommends. Through posts geared towards educating audiences, you will be able to convey knowledge of your specialty, veneers for example, and connect with audiences with credibility.  

This also alleviates some apprehensions some future patients may have because they will be better informed about treatments that they might request from you.  

  • Patient Testimonials 

A proven track record of satisfied patients will also greatly help your credibility. Apart from letting your work speak for itself, highlighting positive patient experiences will also be an asset for building your brand online.  

Social proof through positive reviews communicates to future patients that they are in good hands, as evidenced by the patients that came before them. 

These content themes have been personally helpful in building Dr. Nick’s follower base, and they are highly recommended for dental professionals looking to emulate results.  

He also emphasized the importance of high-quality images (especially when it comes to something as visual as cosmetic dentistry), as well as clear and concise captions that explain the benefits and details of different treatments.  

Successful Social Media Marketing 

At the end of the day, dental professionals and practices are unique so there really is no plug and play social media handbook that works for every single one.  

What Dr. Nick reiterates is that the key to finding success on social media is by continuous learning and improving, based on your objectives by continuously learning. Of course, this involves picking up best practices and strategies as you go along, adding to your social media arsenal to guide you forward.  

Social media is a crucial tool that helps dentists remain visible and relevant in the landscape of dentistry today, but it is just one of many. Keeping up with the current trends of digital dentistry means you need to have the right network, the right knowledge, and of course the right dental equipment at your disposal.  

Evident Digital aims to empower practices of any size by providing just that, as a one-stop shop for digital dentistry solutions – from patient data management to digital scanners and design solutions. Learn more about how you can improve your efficiency and future-proof your practice with Evident Digital today. 

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