Evident launches Evident Design Services to take the industry from Traditional to Digital

Evident announces new service and strategic partnership with Amann Girrbach to support the increasing demand of digital dentistry.

VANCOUVER, BC, JULY 12, 2018— Evident, North America’s leading breakout dental technology company and one of the world’s largest dental lab software companies, today announced the launch of their new Evident Design Services. The design services are provided by the industry’s top technicians and available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, to help the dental industry keep up with the demand of digital impressions as the industry shifts.

“Our mission is to empower the dental industry, mostly small business owners, to help them manage and grow their business in the most convenient way possible,” said Paolo Kalaw, CEO of Evident. “We launched Evident Design Services because we truly believe that this solves staffing issues, one of the industries hardest tasks to manage.” 

As consumers become more esthetic-focused, there is an increased demand for restorations, and the need for design services and other dental technologies is crucial. 

As part of the launch, Evident also announced today is a strategic global Collaboration Agreement with innovator in digital dental prosthetics, Amann Girrbach. This strategic partnership will help support dental consumers in their digital transition with access to premium digital products and services. This partnership allows Evident and Amann Girrbach to develop and manufacture designs at a large scale. 

While Amann Girrbach continues to offer state-of-the-art in-house CAD design solutions, the newly launched design services of Evident greatly support dental customers in a variety of scenarios that range from outgrowing in-house capacity of design personnel, covering peak demand periods to begin the transition from analog to digital. “In that respect, I see the high quality and customer oriented design service of Evident as a valuable complementary offer for our existing customers in the United States and what unites both partners is our ambition to provide flexible solutions that suit customer-specific needs and make their lives easier”, said Georg Eickhoff, President of Amann Girrbach North America. 

About evident

Evident is a global company focused on taking the dental industry from traditional to digital by leveraging technology to bring a new level of convenience, simplicity and value to the dental industry. Our vision is to be the “go-to” platform for integrating a digital workflow.

About Amann Girrbach

As a pioneer in dental CAD/CAM technology Amann Girrbach is one of the leading innovators and full-service providers in digital dental prosthetics. With its high degree of expertise in development and commitment to customer orientation, the ambitious company from Austria creates sophisticated system solutions for tomorrow’s practice and laboratory routine. The constantly growing U.S. division of Amann Girrbach locally provides full support and service for the Ceramill CAD/CAM system to North American dental labs.


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