How to Do Dentofacial Analysis Much Faster

Dentofacial analysis has always required a face bow, a bite registration, and some toying around with an articulator. But newer methods are less complicated. Here’s how:

How to Make Your Diagnostic Wax-Ups More Predictable


Visualize your treatments better with digital reproductions of your patient's teeth and mounted on the Panadent Articulator.


Facial Reference Digital Mounting Models Facial reference digital mounting models are a faster, more convenient solution to the traditional models made and mounted with stone. With just your scans and records, you will receive a model with the prefabricated Panadent attachment that allows the models to "click" on to the Kois Digital Transfer Adapter which is used to attach digitally mounted casts onto the Panadent Articulator. What you need:
  • Clean STLs:
  • Maxillary Scan
  • Mandibular Scan
  • Bite Scan
  • BSTL adapters from Panadent*
  • Full face retracted with facial reference glasses
*The adaptors can be ordered online or by phone for $429 USD. If you are calling by phone, please call Panadent directly at (909) 783-1841 or (800) 368-9777 in U.S. & Canada. What you get: - Downloadable STL files of the upper and lower arches with attachments Hinged Mounted Model What you need: - Clean STL files: - Maxillary Scan - Mandibular Scan - Bite Record Scan What you get: - A downloadable STL file of a printable STL file with an attachment
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Moj Noroozi, a dental lab technician with nearly a decade of experience, shares how dentists can make more predictable diagnostic wax-ups.

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