Digitally Mounted Model

Digitally mounted models are a faster, more convenient solution to the traditional models made and mounted with stone. With just your scans and records, you will receive a model with the prefabricated Panadent attachment that allows the models to “click” on to the Kois Digital Transfer Adapter which is used to attach digitally mounted casts onto the Panadent Articulator.

Benefits of ordering:

  • Once fabricated, you will have a model that is durable, lightweight and retains full functionality of your Panadent articulator

  • Saves valuable chair time by not having to mount with stone

  • No need to calibrate articulators with your lab or even send yours out

Pro tip: The digitally mounted model is often ordered with a diagnostic wax up to combine functionality and case presentation

What you need:

  • Clean STLs:

    • Maxillary scan

    • Mandibular scan

    • Bite scan

  • STL adapters from Panadent*

  • Full face retracted with facial reference glasses

  • 45 degree retracted backward tilt with facial reference glasses

*The adaptors can be ordered online or by phone for $429 USD. If you are calling by phone, please call Panadent directly at (909) 783-1841 or (800) 368-9777 in U.S. & Canada.

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