Digital Treatment Simulation Image


Isn't a picture worth a thousand words? The Digital Treatment Simulation Image, AKA virtual smile mockup, is a pre-visualization of the proposed dental treatment on the patients own image. It helps your patient understand the objectives of the treatment and allows a sneak peak of the expected outcome. Not only do you give your patient the theatrical reveal during the same patient visit, it helps build confidence and emotional affirmation towards the treatment plan and you! Ordering the Digital Treatment Simulation Image pairs nicely with the Dentofacial Display Analysis to give you both the measurements for record keeping purposes but also serves as a marketing tool to showcase your digital skills and adds the “wow” factor.


How to take photos for the Digital Treatment Simulation Image

Digital Treatment Simulation Image (Smile Mockup)

What you will need:


  1. First, find a white background or wall (even a white backdrop will do)

  2. Sit your patient down in front of the background

  3. Place the facial reference glasses on the patient 

  4. Ensure that the glasses are level from left to right. If the air bubble in the level indicator is centered, the glasses are balanced

Taking photos (example below):

  1. Line up your camera about 5 feet away and take a photo of their Duchenne (exaggerated smile). Zoom in to the face just enough to see the patient’s mouth but leave some space around the face so that the chin and forehead are not cut off.

  2. A quick tip for taking photos is to enable a 3x3 grid. This can be done with any camera or smartphone. Aligning the top horizontal line with the eyes provides a perfect reference when taking photos

  3. That’s it! Taking photos is as easy as brushing your teeth


Duchenne (exaggerated smile)

Make the patient laugh or get them to make their biggest smile. Bonus points if they smile with their eyes!


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