Design Products offered by Evident

 Crown and Bridge

  • Diagnostic wax-up (DX)

  • Full contour zirconia (FCZ)

  • Zirconia with fused porcelain (PFZ)/Copings

  • Full contour wax (FX)

  • Full cast crown (FCC)

  • eMax

  • Temporary crown and bridge

  • Shell temps (un-prepped model)

  • Wax coping for PFM

  • Model

  • Model with alignment on semi-adjustable articulator

Implant Restorations

  • Custom abutments

  • Screw/cement retained crown

Orthodontic treatment

  • Aligner planning

  • Aligner fabrication

Kois Protocols

  • Dentofacial display analysis

  • Smile mockup (digital treatment simulation image)

  • Maxillary deprogrammer

    • Standard

    • With anterior coverage

    • With posterior coverage

  • Maxillary lucia jig

  • Mandibular lucia jig

    • Platform

    • Cobal balancer (Lukas)

  • Maxillary flat plane occlusal nightguard

    • Standard

    • With anterior platform

  • Mandibular flat plan occlusal nightguard

  • Maxillary orthopedic positioning appliance

  • Mandibular orthopedic positioning appliance

  • Base model

  • Hinged mounted model

  • Digitally mounted model


  • Slicing and print initiation

How do I order?

If you are a dentist, you can order through the Hub.

If you are a lab, you can order through the design portal.