Why we match you with a dedicated team of designers

Have you ever been worried that a new CAD-CAM designer or design team ‘just won’t get it’, or you’ll be tearing your hair out going back and forth correcting and fixing designs with designers who have absolutely no idea who you are, or what you like? Even worse when you’ve trained up a designer but now 90% of your digital workflow is dependant on them! We’re just as cautious of that as you are, and that’s why we love to play ‘matchmaker’ and pair you with your own dedicated team of designers those worries fade away quicker than the design turnaround (which is insanely fast). “Designers come and go but Evident is forever” - we’re in it for the long run!

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6 super digital things we saw at the Kois Center this weekend

Digital dentistry is booming right now. With the number of technological advancements being announced each year, it can be hard to keep up. Every dentist I have talked to is either transforming their practice with the latest tech or just started and looking for tips and tricks on how to integrate it into their workflow. This past weekend, the Evident team, myself included, drove down to the Kois Center in Seattle for their digital course, Optimized Digital Integration In The Dental Practice.

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